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With headquarters in Southern Region and established in 1961, Krimmley Contracting Company Ltd. (KCC) provides superior constructions services in Saudi Arabia. Krimmley Group pioneered in its industry to manage asphalt and crusher plants in Assir Region and continued its growth by constructing roads to remote towns and villages. Prince Khaled Al Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Assir Region, has recognized Krimmley Group and bestowed a Certificate of Recognition for its pioneering efforts. Since its inception and for over decades of commitment to its services, Krimmley Group’s name has become synonymous and has gained high end reputation among its competitors in the industry due to excellent leadership and qualifications. Krimmley Group has had the privilege of doing business with a myriad of reputable major clients:
1. Saudi Telephone Company 5. Saudi Consolidated Electric Company
2. Ministry of Communications (Roads Dept.) 6. Lucent Technologies
3. Ministry of Defense and Aviation 7. Ministry of Water & Electricity
4. Ministry of Rural Affairs and Municipalities  

As experts in construction services, Krimmley Group only offer reliable and professional services to its clients that is why quality and safety are the main concern in the Company policy, sparing no effort to assure the value of jobs undertaken. The company has formulated computerized and automated monitoring projects to ensure safety and all business requirements are met, which was adopted by STC Assir Region as the standard system of monitoring for all its contractors. Krimmley Group has always been a step ahead of all the telephone network projects:
1. Fiber Optic Access Telephone Networks 5. 450k  Telephone Network Expansion
2. TEP 5 Telephone Network Expansion 6. 400k  Telephone Network Expansion
3. TEP 6 Telephone Network Expansion 7. Urgent Telephone Projects
4. 550K Telephone Network Expansion  

The company pride themselves on its proven track record for effectively administering all its projects. Krimmley Group embarked on overall Designs of Telephone Networks in Assir District, which attested the competence and technical expertise of Krimmley Group. The company is pleased to have shared its professional assistance in turning Abha Municipality City as one of the most envied areas in the South. The “Town Planning & Beautification”, was considered one of the successful projects of Krimmley Group by providing footway tilling, curbstone laying, street lighting installation and road paving in the City. Krimmley Group has also provided and designed water distribution networks, sewage treatment plant & trunk lines in the South Region.

Having been responsible for the successful implementation and beautification of adjacent municipalities in the Kingdom such as Khamis Mushayt and others, Krimmley Group has gained a respectful reputation for meeting the needs of the business and has witnessed the growth and increased in its turnover and market share. Krimmley Group has undertaken other projects for Amanah Jeddah, Jeddah Storm Water Projects, Jeddah Sewage Disposal Projects, Madinah Munawarah Sewerage Disposal Projects and Madinah Munawarah Micro Tunneling Projects.

In order to meet the needs of its clients, Krimmley Group and its dedicated, professional highly skilled team are well trained in attending and handling to the distinctive requirements of specific projects. Krimmley Group is continually expanding beyond its knowledge and services to assist its clients, and is a proud partner of Lucent Technologies, (a Western Company) Norconsult and other International Companies.
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